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101 Productivity Blog Post Ideas

“Productivity” sounds like another one of those fad buzz words, but in fact, it's something that all of us can work on. If you blog about this, you'll love these productivity blog post ideas.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Productivity is a measure of economic performance that compares the amount of goods and services produced (output) with the amount of inputs used to produce those goods and services.”

What is a Productivity Blog?

A productivity blog is a self-help blog that focuses on helping us “produce” more and helping us do that with less “input.”

For example, I'm a blogger. What can I do to publish more blog posts with a little less effort and time?

A consultant may want to sell more services without spending as much on ads.

A stay-at-home mom or dad may want tips to help them get all the household chores done more efficiently so they have more time to spend playing with their kids.

You'll find information about these and more on productivity blogs.

Productivity blogs are often seen as motivational and can be categorized as self-help or personal development. This makes perfect sense because if I'm trying to be more productive, I am working on improving myself.

Content Ideas for Productivity Blogs

In my mind, the best productivity blog is one whose content resonates with me.

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But in order to resonate with a reader, your blog has to have content.

When you first started as a productivity blogger, you had lots of ideas of things you would write about. Maybe you shared your own journey to becoming more productive.

And now, twenty or fifty or two hundred blog posts later, you're staring at your monitor and can't think of a thing to write about. And that is the worst feeling in the world.

Use some of these ideas to get rid of that writer's block.

Productivity Blog Post Ideas

Productivity Tips and Hacks

There are so many tips, tricks, and hacks to help make you more efficient. And all of them are productivity blog post ideas.

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  1. Favorite productivity hack
  2. Tips for beating procrastination
  3. Tips for writing faster
  4. Time management tips
  5. How to make decisions more quickly
  6. How to stay caught up on your work as a solopreneur
  7. How to gracefully say no to a project
  8. Should you use the 80/20 rule?
  9. What do I do when I feel like giving up?
  10. Why you need a to do list
  11. Are you a great multitasker? Think again.
  12. Waiting for an appointment? Productive tasks you can do from your phone
  13. Tips for managing multiple projects
  14. How a virtual assistant can help grow your business
  15. The worst productivity hack I ever tried
  16. 5 ways to limit distractions
  17. 100 best productivity quotes
  18. Do you really need to have that meeting?
  19. How to take notes
  20. Best music playlists for productivity
  21. Top 10 tips from productivity gurus
  22. How to stop scrolling your life away
  23. How to prioritize your work
  24. Tips on how to control your schedule
  25. Why done is better than perfect
  26. What is decision fatigue and how can we reduce it?
  27. How to handle disruptions during meetings
  28. Best productivity gifts
  29. How to organize your projects
  30. Know when to ask for help
  31. What to prioritize when everything's important?
  32. Plan your work for maximum efficiency
  33. Tips from ADHD experts on staying focused
  34. Teaching your teen to be productive
  35. Best productivity tips for side hustlers

Tools and Apps

Our brains simply aren't the best tool to keep us productive. Whether we use some sort of app or go old school with pen and paper, we need tools. This is just a short list of some of them. You could write a review of each new tool you find. Make sure you include your affiliate links to help your blog make some money!

Planner and laptop
  1. Best productivity apps and tools
  2. Trello vs. ClickUp
  3. Ways to use timers to be more productive
  4. iPhone tips and tricks
  5. Android tips and tricks
  6. Best note-taking apps
  7. What is a Kanban board?
  8. How to use Airtable
  9. How to use ClickUp
  10. How to use Asana
  11. Must have productivity supplies
  12. Best Chrome extensions for productivity
  13. How using paper and pen can make you focus
  14. Using Calendly to help manage your time
  15. Using Goodnotes to go paperless

Learning about Productivity

Regardless of how much you know, there is always more to learn. Review some of the books and courses, and make some affiliate commission.

  1. Best productivity books
  2. Best productivity podcasts
  3. Best productivity courses
  4. The importance of having a mentor
  5. The power of a mastermind group

Planners, Lists, and Templates

In addition to writing about planners that other folks have created, why not make your own and sell it on your blog?

Digital Planner
  1. Printable or digital to-do lists–which are best?
  2. Free printable checklists
  3. How to use a digital planner
  4. How to use a printable planner
  5. How to use a bullet journal
  6. Templates for saving you time
  7. Why you should switch to a digital planner
  8. Free productivity printables roundup

If you need planners or checklists that are specific to blogging, take a look at my printables for bloggers!

Habits, Routines, Mindset, and Lifestyle

These topics are so important, and they can impact more than just a person's productivity.

  1. How to create habits
  2. How to track your habits
  3. The best morning routine for maximum productivity
  4. Why evening routines are important
  5. How exercise can improve your productivity
  6. Can meditation make you more productive?
  7. Can getting a good night's sleep make you more productive?
  8. Best ways to control your stress
  9. Overcoming imposter syndrome
  10. Using a worry list to improve productivity
  11. What are habit streaks?
  12. Why rest is important to productivity
  13. How to be motivated when you aren't
  14. Importance of journaling for productivity
  15. How to manage your energy, not your time
  16. How to determine your peak productivity time


This is a very short list of blog post ideas about organization. What others can you think of?

Woman in office
  1. How to organize your workspace
  2. How to organize your inbox
  3. How to do a digital declutter
  4. How to organize all those training classes you purchased
  5. Organizing your computer files
  6. How to declutter your workspace


Productivity techniques really are personal–what resonates for you may not work for me. Write posts about every technique you run across.

  1. What is the Pomodoro technique?
  2. What is time blocking and how can it make me more productive?
  3. The importance of a time audit
  4. What is the Eisenhower Box?
  5. The Ivy Lee Method and why it'll make you uber productive
  6. Use the 2 minute rule to stop procrastinating
  7. What is a brain dump?
  8. How browser profiles can make you more productive
  9. Using a mind map to be more productive
  10. What is timeboxing?
  11. Batching your work makes you more productive
  12. Why you need workflows or standard operating procedures
  13. What is the Getting Things Done method?

Goals and Goal Setting

Here are a few blog post topics about goals and goal setting to help you be productive.

  1. Goal setting for solopreneurs
  2. Setting quarterly goals
  3. Do you need personal mission and vision statements?
  4. How to set SMART goals to increase your productivity

And there you have it! Over 100 productivity blog post ideas! Which one will you write about first?

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