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How to Write a Blog Post

If you want to know How to Write a Blog Post the correct way from the beginning, here is where to begin! I will layout the process of research, outlines, how to reel in your reader, and keep them on your site for longer!

While your blog post doesn't have to be identical to mine, or anyone else's, it does need to follow a basic outline. In fact, you don't want to ever be identical, but you do want to be quality and easy to understand. The purpose of a blog is to get your point across and to answer a question, so I am going to show you how to do that.

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How to Write a Blog Post

While I would typically tell you to head over and check out our how to start a money making blog guide to learn how to get the domain and URL setup, that isn't the case. Over the last few months, I have found that a lot of people just don't enjoy the act of writing. When that is the case, blogging may not be the right career or side hustle choice. So, I now like to recommend that you begin by writing a few blog posts. This is something Sadie and I know will show us, and you, if you are ready to step over and make that domain purchase.

So, we start with this tutorial on how to write a blog post in hopes of showing you the work involved upfront, so you can make an informed and good decision about taking this leap toward blogging.

Tip: Before you begin, take a look at our Blogging Glossary to learn more about the verbiage we may be using below.

Research Your Blog Post Topic First

To begin, you need to know what you are going to write about. If you've chosen a niche and followed our directions in the start guide mentioned above, then you probably have a general idea. In case you haven't gotten that far, pick a topic that you are considering, and start there.

Figure out how YOU can answer the question your reader has. Sure, there were days when blogging meant you could talk about how you potty trained your kids and share fun anecdotes about your day. That has a time and a place, but the blogging industry has changed. If you want to make money, you have to be useful to the reader.

  • Google the topic to see what others are writing about the subject.
  • Look at related searches for more ideas about what people are looking for when searching for this topic.
  • Start writing down or typing out ideas that come to mind, and how you would answer those questions.
  • If you already have an understanding of blogging, you may also move to use free keyword tools mentioned in our how to improve SEO blog post to find more targeted things to include in your blog post.

At the end of the day, no matter what else I share in this post, THIS is what you need to know for how to write a blog post properly. It all begins and ends with answering questions for your readers.

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How do You Structure a Blog Post

This is the best place to begin. Knowing how to structure or format a blog post helps you to know if you are doing things the right way. So, a few things are really important.

  • Start with an introduction paragraph to draw the reader in. This should be clear and show them what to expect in the blog post.
  • After the overview intro paragraph, you will follow a format of walking down the post as if you are giving directions to someone who has never done something before. Be clear but very thorough. Break down each step, or each point, and write it as if your grandma needs to learn and has no idea what this is.
  • Create a closing paragraph that has what is dubbed a “call to action”. This is a place that you ask your reader to do something. Include email signup for your weekly newsletter, a suggestion for commenting, sharing on social media, or printing an option you've included are all things to consider. This gives them an opportunity to interact and become a part of the blog discussion.
  • Use appropriate headings, bold, and italics to break up the post for easy reading. It shouldn't be a long run-on sentence. Multiple paragraphs and multiple sections make it easy to read. I've covered the heading structure before in our blog SEO post. Check there for more information about how they work.

But, this might not be clear, so, let's continue breaking things down. Just like I told you to do!

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Make the First Paragraph Draw the Reader Into The Post

As soon as they click to read your post, you want it to be something they stay to finish. So, you need to grab their attention. The introduction paragraph should give a short, but a good description of the post.

Example: My Decadent Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is going to knock your socks off! Loaded with browned butter goodness and rich milk chocolate morsels, it brings back all of the memories of your mom's cookies hot from the oven after school.

Answer Questions the Reader May Have

Don't turn your blog post into a story of how your Great Uncle Festus ruined Christmas cookies forever. Answer the reader question about how you made them, how to brown butter, the best chocolate chips to use, how to store the dough in the freezer, how long they are good for, and all the questions they would have.

A blog post isn't for you. It's about your reader.
Answer THEIR questions, not yours.

Include a Call to Action for Your Reader

You want to engage them in the topic or conversation. This is called a “call to action”. The most common method is adding a link to your email newsletter sign up form and reminding them to “sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on more great recipes” or whatever you are offering.

Other options for a call to action:
  • Include a reminder to share on social media, pin to Pinterest, or bookmark for later.
  • Share a link to a free download on your blog.
  • Include links to more blog posts on your website and recommend they check them out.
  • Ask them to leave a comment about something within the post. What they add to the recipe, how they would change it, or even if they liked it after making it.

Give Your Blog Post an Easy to Read Format

You notice how I use bolded sections here and bullet points to break things down? It makes this post much easier to read, understand, and absorb. This is what you should be doing in all of your blog posts. Break up the information in a way that makes it easy to read.

I use bold, italics, bullet-pointed lists, and of course, the heading options within WordPress. If you are just starting out writing and not using WordPress yet, then just separate paragraphs with bolded sections like this post. Once you start writing within WordPress, you can reference the tips for how to use Gutenberg Blocks and the SEO post mentioned above for how to best utilize headings.

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What Makes a Good Blog Post?

The easy answer to this is that it contains answers the readers are looking for when searching. Below, however, are more specific things I believe make a good blog post.

  • Clear and easy to read sentences with good grammar.
  • Few or no run-on sentences, overly long paragraphs, or rambling sentences.
  • A focused topic that flows well, and covers the answers your reader is looking for online.
  • Quality clear images throughout that show the subject of your post, details on how to make something, or are appropriate for the subject. Sadie shared some great places to find royalty-free images, and how to make Pinterest images in Canva that will help with this.
  • Headings and bullet-points to make it easier to read.
  • True quality information and not just “B.S” fluff to create a higher word count.

Should I Use a Blog Post Template?

When you first begin, or if it helps you to stay on track, a template is great. You can find a lot of answers to this when searching, but I think a template is mostly following a similar style of someone else.

I love this list of template ideas on Pat Flynn's site. He calls them templates, but they are really just a formatting idea. This is a good place to begin looking at different styles that may work for you.

Don't worry – we plan to have some full templates to share with you in the near future, so make sure to check back. For now, you can start with this list of blog post ideas for every niche, that Sadie shared.

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Why is it So Important to Write a Blog Post a Certain Way?

This is a question a lot of people ask. They just want to sit down and write and see people show up to read it, but even the most famous and best authors out there will remind you there is a lot to promotion and format that plays a part in how successful you will become. The same happens in blogging.

If you want to not just grow, but be able to use these ways blogs make money to grow passive income, you have to do what works. For now, this is the format and method that works best to get those page views and keep them coming back.

Now, What Should I Do?

Now that you know how to write a blog post, it's time to get started doing just that! I suggest working on 5-10 ideas and getting the format down, then really digging in deep to create a plan for what you will blog about. Sadie shared 100+ blog post ideas for travel bloggers that is a great resource. If you aren't in that niche, you can use those ideas to figure out a bit more about how to brainstorm. Then, you'll want to know how to get traffic to your blog, so make sure you read that post in full for better ideas!

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