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How to Use PLR to Make Epic, Unique Content

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How to Use PLR to Make Epic, Unique Content

Private Label Rights content has gotten a bad rap over the past decade or two, and rightfully so: most PLR is complete trash, not even worth rewriting. However, you can use PLR to create epic, unique content. Yes, even the trash PLR can be used – but not how you may think. Instead of saying “don't use PLR”, I'm going to show you the right way to use it!

how to use plr for blogs

Ways PLR is Used

Private Label Rights content can be used in many ways, some of which will enhance your blog writing tremendously! Other ways will make your blog look like crap, so it's important to know the difference!

Rewriting PLR for Blog Use

The most popular way to use PLR is to copy and paste it into a blog post and edit it slightly. Many writers just move around a few sentences, fix the errors, and change the title. Or, if they want it to be “unique”, they put it into a content “spinner”. It spits out a different version of the same post. This is one reason PLR has such a bad reputation: bloggers are being lazy.

We're going to talk about how not to be lazy, and how to use all of that PLR you have stored up… or how to find the best PLR to buy (and get for FREE!)

Get my list of FREE PLR to use here!

Using PLR to Write Ebooks

One of the most popular ways to use PLR is to write ebooks with it. This is a wonderful way to use PLR as long as you're editing the book enough to make it your own. Also, I don't recommend selling books you've used PLR to create unless you change it using my method shown below.

Using PLR for Brainstorming

The fastest way to use PLR is for brainstorming. You simply look at the titles and/or articles and come up with your own ideas rather than rewriting theirs. I like this way because you can easily use free PLR to brainstorm, and you won't run into the issue of having the same articles as everyone else who uses the PLR because you're just using it as a jumping off point.

how to use PLR for your blog

Best Ways to Use PLR for Your Blog

There is no “best” way to use PLR, it's about using it in the ways you enjoy and deem helpful. I personally like to use it to start or enhance my blog posts. I haven't used PLR to make ebooks yet but I feel like it could be a great idea for the right person! The most important tip I can give you is to put the work in to make PLR your own. And to use as much free PLR as possible!

How to Make PLR 100% Original

Making PLR completely original takes some extra work, but not as much as it takes to start a blog post from scratch (for most of us) – and it's worth it in the end to have the best content on the web.

I used a whole pack of PLR (10 articles) to write one blog post about Catalina Island. Once I was finished rewriting the PLR, I added my own experiences in. It enhanced the article that was already going to be good, by making it great.

The final word count is 2,200 words and I wrote it in less than two hours because the PLR helped me get my brain moving even faster than it already was! My Catalina article is 100% free of plagiarism or duplicate content, and is helpful to my audience – which is my main goal.

I bought the Catalina PLR as a part of a larger PLR package for about $20, each article costing me less than a penny. Higher quality PLR is going to be more expensive than this, but it is worth it because less people have purchased it and it's usually a better quality of writing.

How to Use PLR to Grow Your Email List

Emails don't have to be 100% original like blog posts do, but taking a few extra minutes to make them unique is worth it. Adding in your personal intro and mixing the PLR up a bit is sufficient for me as a reader. However, if you aren't mixing it up enough or you don't add enough of your own content to it, you may be sending the same thing someone else is sending the same person… and you don't want that!

Using PLR for lead magnets or opt-in freebies is another epic way to grow your email list… as long as you put the work in and make sure you're creating an original product for your readers.

Use PLR Emails as Blog Posts.

You can buy PLR that has social media content as well as email content to send your list. Instead of using it for its intended purpose, reword it and use it in a blog post, opt-in free, or even an ebook.

You may need to put 10+ email/social media posts together to form one fantastic blog post, but you can almost guarantee nobody else put that much work in. Chances are, they added an intro and slapped them each into an email to create a series of drip content.

On the other hand, you can also use PLR Articles as emails and posts in your Facebook groups. Schedule them out as dripped content to save yourself lots of time.

Rewrite Sentence by Sentence.

I usually rewrite PLR paragraph by paragraph, but if you need to break it down sentence by sentence you can. This may take a little practice to get used to, but it's the most efficient way I've found to make sure my content is always completely unique.

Change the Order of Your PLR.

Often, the PLR I buy doesn't flow in the order I'd like it to. As you can tell if you've followed any of my dozen blogs or so, I have a particular way to do things and it can be a little … different. I have a rhyme and reason to every post, and I always make sure I like the way it flows before I hit publish.

I have ADD so sometimes people have a difficult time following conversations with me, which is why I like blogging so much! I can easily organize things the way they need to be, so folks can follow along and learn.

Mix Your Own Content With PLR.

Mix some of your older content, or some content from past emails, with PLR to make an entirely new blog post or product. This is especially easy to do if you use Gutenberg, as each paragraph is able to move up and down with arrows, no need to copy and paste.

I love using my own experiences to add to PLR content (like with the example above about Catalina Island). You're making the PLR your own because even though you're writing about the same topic many others have and will, it's from your point of view so it's different. Plus, most people who buy PLR never use even half of it! As long as you're writing and publishing , you're ahead of the game.

How else will YOU use the PLR you find?

  • Emails
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Social Media Posts
  • EBooks
  • Content upgrades
  • What's next?

What PLR Sites Look Like

Before you go crazy buying PLR, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what many PLR sites look like. They're old school and can sometimes look a little spammy, but as long as you stick to the PLR on my list you'll be buying from reputable sources.

how to find good PLR
This is a FREE PLR Pack from Master PLR.

This free PLR pack includes “10 articles and 10 beautifully created social posters” – social posters are images you can use on social media or in emails. Again, very old school in how they're wording it as well but everything is pretty simple and straight forward when it comes to PLR and that's how I like it!

Here is my list of PLR — I add to it every time I find new PLR that is good.

Up close image of blog post dashboard

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