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How to Turn Your Blog Readers into Buyers

When people read your blog, it's exciting. It is to me, at least. When they buy your products, it's even more exciting. Not just because you're making money, but because you're truly helping your blog readers when they've stuck around long enough to buy something from you.

how to get readers to buy

How to Turn Your Blog Readers into Buyers

Turning blog readers into buyers is a simple 4 step process:

  1. Write amazing content. (Use this guide to write better posts in less time.)
  2. Add lead magnets (also called content upgrades or opt-ins) to your posts.
  3. Nurture your email list. (After you set it up. I recommend MailerLite – it's free.)
  4. Sell your product to your list. (Create a product first.)

I said it was simple, not easy.

Note: I usually try to keep all of the resources I recommend on this blog so you don't get started, stop, and never finish what you came here for. However, I'm not an email expert quite yet so many of the links on this page will go elsewhere. Before you continue reading, make a promise to yourself that you will come back here after reading the resources I've linked to. If you don't, you won't finish the post and you won't know how to turn your blog readers into buyers… which is why you're here in the first place! 😉

Create Amazing Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a freebie that gets readers on your email list. Once you've turned a readers into subscribers, you can then turn your subscribers into purchasers.

Your Lead Magnet Must:

  • solve a problem and/or make someone take action
  • be accessible immediately
  • deliver exceptional value
  • be quick to digest (quick wins = more sales)
  • show your readers you're an expert

Tips for Creating Lead Magnets

  • Use Canva or PicMonkey to create opt-ins that match your blog colors.
  • Make them SO awesome you could charge for them (but you're not going to).
  • Turn your best performing blog posts and emails into a PDF using Google Docs or Canva.
  • New to design? Sign up for this FREE course on how to design in Canva.

Lead Magnet Ideas

  • cheat sheet
  • checklist
  • mini course (that leads to your paid course)
  • challenge
  • toolkit/templates
  • printables
  • how-to/ tutorials
  • video training/webinar (must deliver AMAZING value)
  • resource library

Lead Magnet Examples

I searched the web for great lead magnets. I found some great ones, and some that sent me into a tailspin that got me nowhere. Each lead magnet, regardless of how great or not-so-great their funnel is, is designed to solve a problem.

Problem: I need to grow my email list.

lead magnet examples and ideas

Solution: ListGoal has you sign up for a free account, then they offer you bite-sized ideas to help grow your business.

ListGoal's funnel is more like a tornado than a nice neat little “buy here” funnel. I signed up for an account, then got spiraled into a rabbit hole of ideas… those ideas each have an “action guide” to use to implement said ideas… and I could spend hours on their site so I had to hit the “X”. They deliver lots of value, with each action guide sending you to one of their tools to buy and use.

Even though I got a bit lost in the tornado, there were a dozen ideas I snagged to use for my email list growth. They solved the problem of needing to grow my email list with some “quick wins”.

Problem: I need to get in better shape.

how to make better lead magnets

Solution: Blogilates delivers tons of amazing content – including videos with workouts – for free. If you want her workout planner, it's free too… but you have to sign up for her email list! The workout planner helps solve the problem of getting in better shape (if you follow it, of course).

Problem: I want to live a better life.

opt in ideas for bloggers

Solution: Manifesting is how I live my best life. In Spaces Between writes about manifesting, living your best life, journaling, and more. Her landing page has a list of freebies, then paid products (she's either promoting and getting a commission, or selling).

how to create lead magnets

When you click on each of the free products, you're taken to an email sign up page. I love how she does this because then you know your readers are clicking on ONLY what they want, they didn't land on the page by accident. Her email list is full of highly-targeted leads because of this.

Nurture Your Email List

Set your email list up as soon as you have 20 posts on your blog. Make sure the posts are not dated, as email list providers and affiliates won't work with blogs that are obviously brand new. I recommend MailerLite for your email list because it's free for the first 1,000 subscribers, plus you get a $20 credit if you use my link to sign up, should you ever go over that 1,000.

Once your email list is set up, it's time to get subscribers (by using those lead magnets we just talked about). Then, nurture your list.

Nurture your email list with an engagement series. An engagement series is a sequence of a few emails that nurture your email list, priming them to purchase. I've always followed Gary V's advice when he says “jab, jab, jab, right hook”. The engagement series you send your email list is a series of jabs (helpful emails, free offers or bonuses, your best content, etc). The product email is a right hook. If you jab effectively, your right hook will land solidly.

The number of emails in your welcome and engagement series depend on the price of your product. If your product is $7, you can usually do one or two emails and then send the email about the product. If your product is $197, your audience may need more nurturing.

The number of emails to send in your engagement series also depends on where the audience came from – a highly-targeted (lead magnet) audience will need less nurturing than a colder audience (like from a bundle) will.

How do you get your readers engaged when they're getting dozens of emails every day?

Most email lists lose me after email #1 or 2 because they go right into selling or they're boring. Either one of those things and I'm out. So, how do you keep people engaged so they open your emails and take action?

Deliver value. Over and over and over again. I open ONE blogger's emails religiously every Saturday morning. Why? Because EVERY email is value-packed. I've subscribed to 100s of emails over the years and hers are the only ones I still open.

If you're not sure how to deliver exceptional value, look at your favorite bloggers. Why are they your favorite? Why do you follow them? Why do you open their emails? Why do you subscribe to their YouTube channels?

Answer those questions, then apply what you've learned to your own blog. How can you deliver more value to your readers?

Sell Your Product

What Should I Sell?

That's probably the #1 question asked on this topic… what the heck do my readers want to buy from me? Here are a few ideas:

  • a course: choose a topic you're an expert on
  • an ebook: turn your most popular posts into an ebook (this would also make a great lead magnet)
  • paid membership: an upgrade from your free content library, a membership where you add a new ebook/course/product every week or month to keep members engage

I recommend using Kara's free product creation course to create your first product. You can also use it to create your lead magnet, as your lead magnet should be amazing enough to sell… you're just giving it away for free.

Setting Up a Funnel for Massive Sales

Sell your product by making sure your email list is in your funnel. A funnel is exactly what it sounds like: get your reader onto your email list and “funnel” them down to your paid product.

Start with a lead magnet, follow up with jabs (an engagement series), and right hook (with the paid product).

At this time last year, I was sick to death of hearing the word “funnel”, mostly because I had purchased several courses promising to teach me how to make an awesome funnel and they never delivered. When I found Simplifying DIY's Funnel Masterclass, it changed my mindset – and my business – completely.

If you've heard all about funnels before but still don't “get” it, I feel your pain. I was blogging for a good ten years before I learned how to set up a funnel properly. Can you imagine how much better my blogging career could have been had I learned about funnels during the first year of blogging? My blog would've sold for a million bucks rather than six figures.

Instead of living life with regret, I decided to start this blog and show everyone how to do everything for free or extremely cheap – so YOU can make money the first year instead of waiting for years. Funnels are one of those things you can't skimp on, and I'm not an expert on them, so I'm sending you over to Kara's class. I can't teach funnels, but she can.

You know I don't recommend courses often at all, because literally 99% of the courses I've taken have been complete crap. This class is an exception to that rule.

NOTE: This class is more advanced so you don't have a product yet, sign up for this free product creation course.

Taking the Next Steps

Need help brainstorming a lead magnet or product idea? Can't figure out how to set up your funnel? Head over to Women Who Hustle and make a post… ask questions and we will help you out!

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