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How to Name Your Blog

The first question I get every single time I talk about blogging is about how to come up with a name. The second question is what to write about, but we can chat about that later. For now, we're here to talk about how to name your blog.

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How to Name Your Blog

Naming your blog is a very personal decision, and based on what you want to write about, you may not need to follow any rules or guidelines. However, if your end goal is to make money with your blog, consider these blog naming tips from someone who has named dozens of profitable blogs. Hey, yeah, that's me! 😉

Golden Rule for Naming Your Blog

I only have one major rule for blog names:

Your blog name needs to be easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember. Period.

Other ideas mentioned here aren't hard and fast rules like this one is, but they're good to keep in mind. These are my tips based on my personal experience and opinions. If you read a post from another blogger giving opposite advice, by all means, do your research and figure out what works best for you.

Use Keywords to Name Your Blog

There are several ways to name your blog, the easiest being to use the keywords and/or topic(s) you're going to blog about. For example, is obviously going to be a website that teaches about blogging, right? It's easy to remember, easy to say, and uses the keywords “easy” and “blog” for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Using keyword(s) in your blog name and domain is going to give you an advantage with SEO. I'm not an SEO expert by any means, so I don't know exactly how much of an advantage it gives you, but I do know it's an advantage. Your blog name tells Google what your blog is about, so keep it simple!

Use a Thesaurus to Name Your Blog

Another way to name your blog is by writing a list of words and/or topics that you like, that you plan to write about, or that describe you.

Synonyms for a travel blog: ride, navigation, trip, trek, tour. would be a good name for a local blog about Venice, Italy.

Blog Name Ideas

Say you want to blog about fitness, would be a great domain and blog name because it tells your readers right away that your blog is about fitness. It also tells readers to expect daily posts, or maybe daily emails… great idea!

Want to blog about meal planning? would be the perfect domain name! It immediately conveys to your readers that you offer meal planning information.

Want to write vegan recipes? will work!

Feel free to use any of these ideas and make them your own. If the domains are available and that's the niche you're looking into, go for it. Then email me and let me know so I can swap the links out for yours (yay, free traffic!).

Your Blog Name Should Be Short

“Short” is relative, but your blog name should be concise and easy to remember. I've always had blog names that were relatively short, but they weren't always easy to say/spell/remember.

My most popular blog was named “Slap Dash Mom”. It seems easy enough, right? Wrong. EVERY time I said it, I had to spell it out so they typed the word “dash” rather than an actual dash. Same goes for my email, “slapdashmom at gmail dot com” … had to say “d-a-s-h” every time or they would mess it up. It got annoying, fast.

Should I Use .com or .net When Choosing a Domain?

There are hundreds of domain extension choices, including .xyz, .store, .info, and more. The only one I want you to use is .com. Period. Full stop. End of story. Don't come at me saying, “but Sadie, what if _____?” because my answer is no. Don't say “but so-and-so did it and they're successful”. I don't care. Answer is still no.

Why can't I use .net or .xyz or whatever other domain extension? This goes back to the golden rule: your blog name should be easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember. Nobody remembers anything but .com. I have a friend with a .net blog. I've followed her blog for 10 years yet I still type .com half the time when visiting her site! Our brains just aren't wired to remember non- .com names.

Blog Name Generators

Blog name generators are helpful tools to use if you're drawing a complete blank, but if you're anything like me they will send you down the rabbit hole of no return. I avoid them like the plague because they've started me down a domain trail that ends in me buying a new domain every week LOL.

Are you the type of person who has zero ideas? Then a Blog Name Generator is a solid choice. Otherwise, stick with the tips and tricks in this post!

Don't Rush Your Name Choice, BUT…

Don't rush your name choice, but don't allow this step to become an excuse or block that stops you from starting your blog. I personally know dozens of folks who say they want to start a blog, but get stuck on the naming step and give up. Don't get stuck on this step!! Name your blog whatever the heck you want, knowing you can rebrand later.

It's not easy to rebrand… it's a pain in the ass, really, so it'd be best if you followed this post and used the tips here for naming your blog rather than pulling a name out of a hat. The point is, get through this step – push through if it's tough for you – but do not allow it to stop you from blogging.

Choosing a Blog Niche

This post is about naming your blog, but that comes along with choosing a blog topic, or niche. Your niche should be conveyed through your domain name.

“Low Carb Nomad” tells you my niches are recipes and travel. “Healthy Point Recipes” tells you the blog is about Weight Watchers recipes because WW counts foods with a Points system.

Your blog niche should not be too narrow, nor should it be too wide. This can be tricky if you're an ADD-idea person like I am. I love all the things, which is why I have 293472398 blogs. If you have tons of blogs, though, you won't be successful unless you work on getting one off of the ground at a time.

The same goes for blog topics. You can't blog about everything under the sun and expect to have a loyal audience; it just doesn't work that way. I did fairly well blogging about whatever I felt like with Slap Dash Mom, but I could have done much better had I chosen a niche (or two – instead of ten).

Too narrow of a niche:

Too wide of a niche:

Just right:

Whatever you decide to blog about, you should try to come up with a blog name that reflects the topic(s).

Using Your Name for Your Blog Name

Alternatively, you can use your name as your blog name – but keep in mind there are pros and cons to using your name. I owned but then I got married, so my name changed to Sadie Smiley. Spending years to grow a brand with your name then changing your name isn't a great idea. — Kasey is a great example of someone who has built her blog brand. She started out as a deal blogger many years ago, and I first knew her as “Time2Save”. She has branched out past couponing and deals and now does keto recipes but still talks about how to save money, too.

Why You Should Use Your Name as Your Blog Name

  • brand recognition – easy to grow no matter the topic
  • easy to remember – as long as your name is easy to say and spell
  • won't ever need to change – your name doesn't usually change unless you get married
  • great if you want to write books, teach courses, and be known as you rather than just your blog name

Why You Should Not Use Your Name as Your Blog Name

  • difficult to sell a blog with your name, do you really want someone else owning What if they turn it into a porn site? Yikes!
  • difficult to remember and spell if your name isn't simple
  • nobody knows what your site is about based on the name
  • no SEO for your blog topic, just your name/brand

Blog Name Examples

Here are some examples of good blog names. — My new blog about low carb recipes and travel. — Jen's blog about recipes for Weight Watchers. — A blog I've followed semi-religiously for years, Pinch of Yum does not use keywords in their domain name but the name easily conveys what the blog is about at first glance: recipes.

Notice none of these blog names have dashes, numbers, or abbreviations. This goes along with the “easy to spell/say” rule.

Before You Name Your Blog

  1. Check Namecheap to make sure your domain is available. This is the cheapest/best place to get domains.
  2. Investigate all social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to make sure your name isn't already taken. Sites like Namechk or KnowEm will show you which platforms have your name available.
  3. Say it out loud. Spell it out loud. Is it easy to say and spell? If you're talking to someone in an elevator and want to tell them about your blog, you need to make sure the person you're talking to can easily understand – and hopefully remember – your blog name.
  4. Make sure it's not just a trend. Will your blog name still be relevant in five, even ten years? If it's based on a trend that may fade quickly, you might want to consider a different name.
  5. Think ahead. If you want to monetize your blog, be sure to choose a name that isn't going to go against community standards on social media or with affiliates. The name should be family-friendly. There are exceptions to this rule, but it's a good rule of thumb unless you're starting a sex blog (which will be monetized through adult site affiliates).

What to Do if Your Blog Name is Taken

It's back to the drawing board, but you don't have to start from scratch at this point. If your chosen name(s) are already taken, you still have a few options. I do not recommend doing a different spelling of the word/phrase, or using .net instead of .com.

Instead, check to see how many followers they have on social media, and when they were last active. If a page hasn't been active since 2016, is only on Facebook, and has less than 100 fans, I don't have an issue with naming my blog the same thing as long as it isn't trademarked, a business name, etc. I know I can easily outrank that person, and will quickly have a much larger following than they do.

If the social media pages are active (within the past year) and/or have thousands of fans, go back to your list and see if another name will work. Another name on your list won't work? Time to come up with more names (back to the top of this post).

What to do After You Name Your Blog

So you've named your blog, you've used my affiliate link to head over to NameCheap and purchase your domain (thank you!), and now you're ready for the next step.

Check out my course How to Start a Blog the Easy Way for step-by-step guidance!

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