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14 Free Keyword Tools to Help Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Keyword tools allow you to know what words people are using to find information about your topic or niche. This information can be helpful in making decisions on what to write about and how to optimize content for your readers and their search intent. It's important to keep in mind that keyword research is not a science, but rather an art form that must be practiced so the best results are achieved. Take advantage of these free keyword tools to help.

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What are keywords and how do they help search engine optimization?

Keywords are words and phrases that people type into search engines to find the answers to their questions. Hopefully, your website will show up in the search results.

Knowing the popular keywords are crucial to your SEO strategy because they play such an important part in search engine optimization (SEO). It is essential that you know what words people are using when they are searching for the topic of your blog post. By knowing which words are popular, you can write blog posts that rank higher in search engine results.

It is important not to focus too much on individual keyword rankings because it will drive you crazy. Instead look at how many visitors all keywords send over time. Trying to get a number 1 ranking for every keyword is ultimately unachievable anyway. All of them together will add up to a large amount of traffic over time.

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Why is it Important to use Keywords in Search Engine Optimization?

When using keywords with SEO, it's important to know what words your target audience is searching for. This allows you to optimize your content for these keywords and phrases. These tools can also be helpful in finding new topics and ideas. By digging deeper into the common queries related to your business, you may even find a few untapped topics or angles that have never been covered before.

Strategic use of keywords is important when it comes to search engine optimization. Keyword usage informs both search engines and searchers about the scope of content on a site. A webmaster wants to provide the most relevant results for searchers, and use keywords in a way that will assist in this process.

Search engines want to return results that are close to what a searcher is looking for, and this can only be done if the site uses keywords appropriately.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying one or more keywords that your target audience organically searches for in search engines.

Keyword research is an integral part of search engine optimization because it helps you figure out what people are searching for, which allows you to optimize your site so that it matches those searches.

Keywords can be specific words and phrases used in a search query or keywords can consist of multiple words and phrases.

A keyword tool might help identify not only the most popular and highly searched keywords but also some less popular “long-tail” terms. Long-tail keywords are generally easier to rank for.

Note: “Long tail” refers to the number of searches a term has–not the number of words in the phrase.

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What are Keyword Tools?

Keyword tools basically help you identify keywords that most people are searching for, so you can be sure you're using the right words in your content.

The best keyword tools will even give you more detailed information than just the total number of searches monthly. They'll also tell you which of those searches have been successful, or how many people have clicked on your link from Google. This can help you refine and focus what topics to write about in future articles.

Keyword tools can also be used to find new ideas for articles. If you see an idea is overly successful, it may be because there's a lack of articles on that topic. In this case, using the same keyword tool to find related terms can lead you to new topics and make your content more valuable.

Of course, not all keywords are created equally–some may have more competition than others with higher volume because they're being searched more often. This is why keyword research is so crucial: you need to know exactly what your target audience wants before you create content.

Your goal should be creating valuable content that solves problems while also using specific keywords throughout the post.

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Are Keyword Tools Free?

Paid keyword tools can vary in price from less than $20 a month to more than $100 a month. Large websites that pay for internet advertising need the more expensive tools to help them select the right words for the PPC campaigns (pay per click).

Bloggers who need keyword data to help them create their content strategy don't need the more expensive tools. Personally, I use Keysearch which is a great tool. It gives you much of the information that's available from a more expensive tool.

If you would like to try out Keysearch, use code KSDISC through my affiliate link for a 20% discount which makes it only $13.60 a month.

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The good news is that some keyword tools are free. They often have limitations such as limiting the number of searches you can do each day (or month) or not showing you all of the data such as monthly search volume data and keyword difficulty.

What Free Keyword Tools Should I Check Out?

I tested all of the following to find the best keyword research tools that are free. Some of these require that you sign up for a free account, and others don't.

Helpful Google Search Console Tools

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Keywords are a vital component of search engine optimization. The more relevant the keywords, the higher your SEO ranking will be and consequently, you'll see more traffic coming from organic searches on Google or other sites. Keyword research is not an exact science but it can give webmasters insight into what their target audience is searching for online.

I hope this list of free keyword tools helps you grow your organic search traffic. Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite.

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