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Daily Blogging Routine

Whether you are a Blogging Newbie or a Blogging Veteran, the biggest tip I can suggest is having a Daily Blogging Routine. Of course, we all know how life can interfere with a routine but if you get into a rhythm with your blog then you will be more productive. PRODUCTIVITY=$$$

Daily Blogging Routine (in under two hours)

  1. Brain Dump ~ spend 10 minutes to literally empty out all those thoughts you have built up since yesterday. This could include blog post ideas, appointments, emails you need to send, etc. Whatever it is, write it all down so you are prepared to move on with your day.
  2. Check Your Blog Stats ~ Check your Google Analytics to see which posts brought you the most traffic. Also, check to see which sources you are drawing traffic from or where you are lacking in traffic sources.
  3. Pinterest Pinning ~ Take 10 minutes or so to manually pin a few of your images. You could also take this time to use Tailwind to schedule out your pins if you use that tool.
  4. Write~ Remember that brain dumping you did? Well, now its time to pick a topic from that list and write about it. Just go to town writing everything you know on the topic and you can form into a more finalized edit later.
  5. Facebook Groups ~ For my blog, I like to participate in Round-Up Groups. Round-Up Groups are a good way to get your blog out there for the viewers with very little work on your part. You can also spend this time to do reciprocating groups but I don't tend to do many of those as it can be time-consuming and can flaw your analytics.
  6. Research ~ Look at that, jumping right back to our Brain Dump list. Now it is time to do some research on one of those topics so you are prepared to write your next blog post. You can also use this time to research the best keywords for future posts.
  7. Social Media ~ Spend a few minutes to engage with your audience on the rest of your social media. i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make a new post, comment on past posts, share a funny meme; whatever works with your blog.
  8. Learn Something New ~ Maybe you want to learn how to add a signature to the bottom of your blog post or how to make a standout Pinterest image. Whatever you want to learn, spend 15 minutes to learn something new that will help you in the future.
  9. Write x2 ~ Now it is time to do your final edit on that post you started earlier. Write, read, write some more, reread, proofread, publish!
  10. Planning ~ Plan a little for tomorrow. Go back to thinking about your stats and plan at least one topic you want to focus on tomorrow, one traffic source you want to focus on, and one new thing you want to learn.


I hope this checklist helps you to get more organized and productive. Don't forget this is just a guide and nothing is set in stone so you can organize your schedule to what works for your day. Do you already have a blogging routine and want to share their tips? Just comment below.


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Wednesday 18th of September 2019

Thank you for making this downloadable :)

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