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Are you tired of spammy affiliate marketing that doesn't make any real money?

NOBODY likes being bombarded with links and messages about “buy my product”. YOU don't like spam, so why would you spam others?

We are here to turn the tables and teach you HOW TO MAKE MONEY through affiliate links without selling:

  • Crap you don't believe in
  • Annoying your readers with nonstop links
  • Begging friends, family, or strangers to purchase
  • Running yourself ragged for the almighty dollar

Learn how to write a blog post and earn money from it for years to come!

We believe in quality over quantity!!

While we could inundate you with 30 hours of instruction and a 200-page ebook filled with fluff, we've decided to keep it simple:

7 Module Course

With an eBook and Workbook Bundle

This will knock your socks off while filling your bank account!

PLUS: 2+ hours of video content

Don't worry, it's broken up into small, easy-to-digest clips.

What you get for $47

7 Module Affiliate Marketing Course: Perfect whether you're a beginner or a more advanced marketer

Affiliate Marketing Ebook: Step by step walk-through of proven affiliate marketing strategies that AREN'T spammy and AREN'T teaching you how to get people to sign up for BlueHost.

Affiliate Marketing Workbook: Use alongside your Affiliate Marketing Ebook and videos.

BONUS: 7 Steps to a 5 Figure Affiliate Launch

Is the Bundle right for you?

This Bundle is right for you if:

  • you already have a blog, even if it's brand new with little to no content
  • you have at least a basic understanding of what affiliates are
  • you are serious about making a full-time income with your blog

Why did we create an affiliate marketing course when there are SO MANY OTHERS out there?

Easy! An affiliate marketing course for bloggers that teaches something other than how to get BlueHost sales is needed. We are REAL people and we don't want to give you B.S. information. We put it to you STRAIGHT. No “big payouts” from products we don't support!

We have each made six figures from blogging – not from blogging about blogging and selling hosting sign-ups – but from actually blogging.

Stop earning pennies and start earning thousands!

119 sales generated $1895 in GROSS REVENUE from only 1 Affiliate!

Truth be told, we're info product snobs. We buy ebooks and courses on a regular basis and rarely are we impressed. Ever felt disappointed after purchasing an ebook or course? Us, too. We are on a mission to create the best ebooks and courses about blogging that you've ever spent your hard-earned money on.

Course Outline

Before we buy a course or ebook, we like to know exactly what's inside. Here's where you decide whether this bundle is right for you.

Module 1: Getting Started

Prepare your blog for maximum affiliate earnings. Have you ever been rejected by an affiliate you wanted to promote? We teach you how to minimize the chance of this happening.

Bonus: Our list of affiliate networks and companies that are legitimate and have good payouts – not pennies like Amazon!

Module 2: The Technical Stuff

Learn how to find and sign up for the best affiliate programs, step by step. Also covered: reading and decoding the fine print, Nexus state information, and how to set up an FTC-compliant Privacy Page.

Module 3: The Golden Goose

Every blogger has that one (or two) affiliate that makes them 10x more than any other affiliate. We call this “the golden goose” and in Module 3, you learn exactly how to find YOUR Golden Goose.

Module 4: Perfecting the Art of Making a Sale – Without Selling!

We both hate sales! Sadie was in charge of creating this “sales page” and her idea of selling was “Tired of crappy BlueHost-pushing bloggers? Take our course instead!” Sales just isn't our thing, yet we each make 5 figures a month through our blogs! How is that possible? With affiliate marketing, of course. In this module, we teach you exactly how to master the art of making a sale… without feeling like a salesperson.

BONUS: Our perfect blog post templates for you to use.

Module 5: Using Email to Increase Sales

In Module 5, we cover setting up your email list and creating a drip campaign that makes the big bucks! Even if you've never had an email list – or if you have one and have never sent an email – we've got you covered.

Module 6: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Over the years, we've each learned by trial and error when it comes to affiliate marketing. Losing money due to mistakes is NOT fun. We've also taught hundreds of others how to use affiliates on their blogs, and have learned from the mistakes they made! In this module, we cover costly affiliate marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Module 7: Putting it All Together

Module 7 is a review module. After watching the videos, and working through the ebook and workbook, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. This is normal! It's a LOT of information! We included this extra module to make sure you know exactly how to put all of this awesome information together and TAKE ACTION to have that 5 figure month.

Bonus: Doing an Affiliate Audit

In this bonus module, we walk you through – step by step – how to do a complete affiliate audit on your blog. This module is for experienced bloggers who have tried affiliate marketing but are not making as much money as they'd like. If you're a brand new blogger, the information in this module will help you get (and stay!) on track from the get go. If you're a seasoned blogger, this information will take you to the next level with affiliate marketing.


Earn a Certificate of Completion if you complete all Modules and send us a photo of your workbook! 🙂

Only buy this bundle if you are ready to…

  • increase your affiliate sales by optimizing your existing blog traffic
  • create high converting blog posts using our perfect blog post templates
  • skyrocket affiliate sales with out of the box techniques
  • deliver maximum value to your readers