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Let us help you reach your goals! We are now offering one on one coaching services to help you reach your blog income goals!

Work smarter not harder – and learn how with our help!


STOP trading Time for Money!

We get it, you struggle with self-confidence in your business.  This isn't due to a lack of effort or focus.  It's time to stop struggling and start finding focus that will help you make that passive income while still being able to live your life. 

Are you ready to: 

  • see yourself and your life differently
  • stop making excuses and justifications for staying stuck
  • hear valuable feedback and use it to grow
  • expect the best from yourself and do the work
  • get strategic and use a plan
  • invest in your own growth and development

How Can We Help You Work Smarter?

We've been in your shoes.  At various times in our lives, we have been living paycheck to paycheck. We KNOW what it is like to struggle.  It's our time to share with you how to avoid those struggles, and instead, start making passive income right away! 

We will help you: 

  • gain clarity and focus on what you want in life
  • develop a personalized, step-by-step map for your business
  • remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • create building blocks to grow not just your blog, but your business
  • build a path to financial success

Are you ready to make that step?  Check out our Coaching Plans!

Zoom Calls Only 

$30 – 15-Minute Call

$50 – 30-Minute Call

$100 – 1 hour Call

Printable Workbooks

4 Week Assignments – $100

6 Week Assignments – $150

8 Week Assignments – $175

4 Week Coaching Plan – $300


  • Help get your blog niche organized.
  • Plan a site structure that is SEO friendly and easy to follow.
  • Give you a guide for what needs to be done for launch.


  • 2X 15-Minute Zoom calls with Katie
  • 2x 15-Minute Zoom calls with Sadie
  • Hands-on Help with blog posts
  • Blog post ideas for your niche including light SEO and subheading assistance.
  • Product ideas and help
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • Help with interlinking posts

6 Week Coaching Plan – $500

Includes everything from the 4-week coaching plan, along with the items below.


  • 1x 30-Minute Zoom call with both Katie & Sadie
  • 12 SEO researched Post titles with keywords and subheadings in outline
  • Interlinking help with those 12 posts once live on your site
  • A 12-week homework workbook customized to your site & niche


Book Coaching Now

To book Sadie & Katie for Blog Coaching, send an email with the subject line “Coaching” to easyblogschool@gmail.com