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Blogging Tasks You Can do From Your Phone

I'm not a huge fan of blogging by phone, mostly because I type so damn fast it's a waste of time for me to blog from anywhere but a keyboard. With that being said, there are several tasks I use my phone for.

Blogging Tasks You Can do From Your Phone

I am breaking this post into two parts: actionable tasks and business building tasks. Both are important. When you have ten minutes, for example, you may edit a few photos. When you have an hour, you may listen to a few podcasts or an audiobook while scheduling social media posts.

The goal here is to find time during the day where you can use your phone to its full potential, rather than just for scrolling Facebook endlessly. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you…

blogging tasks you can do from your phone

Actionable Tasks

These are actionable blogging tasks you can do from your phone. The tasks listed in this section will help you start or finish blog posts, get social media taken care of, and more. Actionable tasks pack the most punch today.

Edit photos.

Did you know…? You can download and edit stock photos from your phone! I use unsplash for free stock photos.

Use free apps or log into PicMonkey or Canva to edit photos on your phone while waiting at appointments, riding on the subway, or waiting in line at the grocery store.

You can even design pins in Canva and pin them via mobile.

Use your Notes App.

There are several tasks you can use your Notes App for, including but not limited to:

  • brainstorming blog post topics or series
  • brainstorming email series ideas
  • brainstorming free and paid product ideas
  • jotting down blog post titles
  • making a to do list for the upcoming week/month/year
  • creating new goals – 30,000 words next month, anybody?
  • researching new topics and take notes

Speak blog posts.

If you are better at speaking than you are at typing, try talk to text for outlining and ‘writing' your blog posts.

Shoot and edit videos.

You may not be able to shoot videos while in the doctor's office, but I'm working on some meditation videos where I record a few scenes, get rid of the audio, and add a meditation track. That means even if there's background noise when I record, it's gone by the time I publish.

Go live on Facebook.

If you're in a semi-quiet area where you can shoot a video, go live on your favorite social media platform! I love going live and interacting in my Facebook groups and on my pages.

Schedule social media posts.

Schedule posts directly on Facebook right from your phone. You can also schedule posts in your Facebook group.

Use Tailwind to schedule pins to Pinterest.

Interact with readers and other bloggers.

Leave comments on other blogs, on fan pages, etc to interact with your readers and other bloggers.

Comment in Facebook groups. Keep Pretty Links in your Notes App of popular posts that you regularly link to.

Engage with Instagram and/or Twitter followers. Do not run out and get these platforms for your blog if you don't already have them! But if you do have them, use this time to engage with your followers.

You can also use this time to interact with brands on social media if you're seeking out sponsored posts. Retweeting their tweets, responding to their questions, and sharing their content are all ways to get a brand's attention.

Handle emails.

I hope your inbox is in better shape than mine is, but if it isn't, you can use your phone to delete emails while you're waiting in line at the store. You can also reply and draft new emails – though I wouldn't send them while distracted or you might forget to attach the attachments. Speaking from personal experience, far too many times.

While you're in Gmail, send a “thank you” email to at least two people. Tell them what you're thankful for and how they've made your life better. This can be a friend, family member, someone who helps with your blog, etc. Putting positive, thankful vibes out into the Universe is a great way to spend a few moments a day.

Organize your Google Drive.

If you aren't using Drive yet, you should be! If you are using it, your Drive may need some organization.

how to use your phone for blogging

Business Building Tasks

These tasks aren't necessarily going to make you money today or help you publish a blog post right this second, but they'll help build your business in the long run.

Do keyword research.

I use Keysearch from my phone almost every day. Check out our post on SEO to get started.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook.

I love listening to podcasts while I'm working. If you have a long commute or you're riding the train, or you're waiting for a doctor because they're ALWAYS late, use this time to absorb podcasts and audiobooks.

Watch a YouTube video.

I'm not talking about cat videos here, folks. Create a “watch later” playlist for motivational and learning videos. Income School's video about blog post titles would be a great one to start with! I love Income School (even joined their Project 24) and their videos are perfect to binge watch.

Find new affiliate programs to join.

Go on Shareasale and search for new affiliate programs to join. I don't recommend joining new platforms while mobile because affiliate applications can be a beast, but joining new programs on SAS is simple as can be.

Stalk your analytics.

Use Google Analytics to see which posts are performing well, and which aren't. If a post is getting visits, send it out on social media! Look at it and see how you can duplicate your success. Can you turn it into a series? Add a workbook or infographic to the post that is performing well, or do an SEO Checkup, so it can rank better on Google.

If you have posts that are dead, brainstorm ways to bring them back to life.

The Bottom Line

Blogging consistently is key to success. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to become financially successful with your blog? If you said “yes!”, start putting your phone to use!

P.S. For the love of all things, turn off your damn notifications so you can get some work done! Notifications are the #1 productivity sucker in life.

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