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Best Sources of Free Clip Art – and Why I Don’t Use It

Are you interested in creating digital products? Looking for some free clip art for your printable designs? There are so many sources of free clip art online, but many host stolen images and you can get in trouble for using them. For that reason, I don't recommend using free clip art unless you absolutely have ZERO budget when starting your business.

Where to find free clip art

Full transparency: I don't use free clip art much anymore. I use Creative Fabrica, almost exclusively. My friend Sadie talks more about this in her Etsy course and on her hustle blog.

The first investments you should make when you make a few sales are Canva PRO and Creative Fabrica.

While Creative Fabrica isn't free, I pay $19 mo for UNLIMITED use of millions of clip art images. Using this site exclusively saves me time, and money.

Many times I'll get sucked in with “free” clip art, only to find myself browsing the “paid” section for an hour and spending $27 or something crazy. Because of that, I try to stay off the other sites and only use Creative Fabrica.

Public Domain clip art

Public domain art is plentiful, but it isn't super recent and it isn't always what you're looking for as far as creating beautiful printables for your blog readers. It does work with the right aesthetic, but it's specific.

Sometimes I use it in my witchy designs, but it's usually more of the “vintage” looking public domain stuff. Some of it is great, it's just a LOT to weed through. When time is money, I prefer to save as much of it as possible.

While the quality of individual clip art images on these free sites isn't always bad, they tend to have tons of ads and half of the photos you click take you to paid options instead of free ones anyway which defeats the purpose. And wastes more time!

Public domain and royalty free clip art sites:


Not everyone has the budget to pay for clip art right away, I totally get that. Be sure to do your research before using free clip art, and you'll be fine.

Before using free clip art, do a reverse image search to make sure it's not stolen. If you find the original designer and they're selling it, not giving it away, reach out and see if it's supposed to be free and tell them where you found it. Chances are, it was ripped off, and the designer will thank you for the heads up.

Using free clip art for commercial use

When you buy clip art, you're agreeing to the licensing terms the designer (or website) has set forth. When you download free clip art, you don't know where it (really) came from, or what the licensing truly is. Could you imagine, using free clip art and then getting sued by the original designer for tens of thousands of dollars?!

Honestly, it's just not worth it. Find an affordable source of clip art, and stick with it.

Why I love Creative Fabrica

I love Creative Fabrica because there are over a MILLION graphics and illustrations to choose from!

At Creative Fabrica, you'll also find:

  • KDP interiors (SUPER valuable!!!)
  • SVG files (fire up the Cricut!)
  • t-shirt designs (use on Amazon Merch or POD)
  • fonts out the wazzooooooo
  • and more!

The site is easy to use and I'm supporting designers directly instead of possibly ripping them off. It's a win-win for me and I highly recommend it if you're wanting to create digital products.

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