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Easy Blog School is the No B.S. version of how to learn to blog.  Our goal here is to make sure you know the basics of blogging inside and out – without the fake marketing techniques other sources often use in the past.

What you will learn here about how to blog

  • How to start a new blog form the ground up – including deciding your niche, your blog name, and where to host the blog.
  • What you need to know about SEO and organic ranking – for beginners and advanced bloggers.
  • Tips for making the most of social media to bring traffic to your blog.
  • Lists of post ideas to help when you are suffering from writers block.
  • How to market your blog for free, as well as the best ways to spend money to get traffic.
  • What methods are best to make money from your blog, including ad revenue, affiliate links, selling products, and sponsored or contract work.

What you won't see here from our team of writers

  • You won't see us marketing products or services we don't believe in 100%.
  • We will not try to sell you a ton of information you can already get easily for free on our site and others.
  • There will be no babying or hand holding – we will push you to work.
  • Not a single lie about how it is easy to make money online, or how you can grow your blog overnight if you do “these 3 things”.
  • A know it all attitude – we realize we are growing and learning daily in this ever changing industry. If we screw up – we will admit it, but we strive to always be up to date and correct before sharing information.

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We look forward to learning and growing with you!