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7 Types of Blog Posts for Any Niche

Writing a blog post is one of my favorite things to do! However, it seems most new bloggers struggle with what to write. If you're looking for engaging blog posts to write, I've got you covered. No matter what your niche is, these blog post ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

7 Types of Engaging Blog Posts for Any Niche

Use these examples as, well, examples. Copying someone else's work will not bring you success. I want you to be successful, so use these ideas as they are intended. If you want to use the same style as another blogger does, that's fine, just don't copy their words! You don't want duplicate content… Google hates duplicate content and you want Google to love you, right? Right. 😉

List Posts

List posts are wonderful for everyone, but they're especially wonderful for ADHD-ers like myself.

Be sure to look at the examples because list posts aren't just lists. They are lists with LOTS of extras added in! Like any good blog post, a list post needs subheadings, 1,000+ words, and several images (including at least 1 – but preferably 3 – pin images).

Here are a few examples of list posts done well:

types of blog posts for every niche

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Guides are exactly what they sound like: the ultimate guide to a certain topic.

Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
  • Rock Climbing: The Ultimate Guide
  • How to Lose Weight: The Ultimate Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby Shower

You get the idea. You can mix them up, make them more interesting, but the general idea is to convey to your readers that they MUST click on that post because it's going to tell them EVERYTHING they need to know about a certain subject.

Examples of Ultimate Guides:

The last example combines the list post by using the number 7, while still being an ultimate guide because of the content and word count. Even if it isn't called an ultimate guide, if you look at the post you'll see the information is INSANE. Definitely qualifies.

Ultimate Guides should be long – long enough to cover ALL of the information needed. An estimate is around 1,500-2,500 words with some being MUCH longer. I've seen 5,000+ word guides and they rank really well! Don't fill up the word count just to fill it up, though. Make sure you're delivering amazing information.

The best part about ultimate guides? You can use these to create affiliate posts, too!

Here are a few Ultimate Guide type posts that are affiliate posts:

Keep in mind these aren't necessarily titled “ultimate guides”, but they're in-depth posts about the product and make quite a bit in affiliate income.

Quick Wins

Give your reader a quick win and they will come back over and over again! If you have a weight loss blog and you give a super helpful tip that helps them lose 10 pounds this month, they're loyal to you for life.

blog post types

If you write a blog about blogging and you do a Gutenberg tutorial that gives your readers the confidence to finally tackle writing a post using Gutenberg, they are going to send you messages thanking you! Yes, this happened. 🙂

What is a “quick win” you can give your readers? Maybe you blog about crochet and you can teach them which hook they need to start their first crochet project. Do it! Anything that can help your reader RIGHT NOW is considered a quick win.

Best X for Y

Best X for Y type posts do really well if they're thorough and deliver the information the reader is searching for. Google's newest update is all about user intent. What is the user searching for, even if they aren't using the right words? With updates like these, Best X for Y posts will continue to climb in the ranks if they answer the questions the users are asking.

Some ideas off the top of my head for these types of posts:

  • Best Gel Pens for Bullet Journaling
  • Best Suitcases for Light Travelers
  • Best Vacation Spots for Families
  • Best Dogs for Kids
  • Best Self-Help Books for Moms with Anxiety

Tutorial or How to

I. Love. Tutorials. Watching a step-by-step how to is one of my favorite things to do. Seeing something go from a blank slate to something beautiful is, well, beautiful. There's just something magical about it.

how to write a tutorial blog post

You can do tutorials in video format and in photo format in the same post. Do the step-by-step photos while you're shooting the video. Create the blog post as if it's a photo tutorial, then embed the video from YouTube. Some people really need a video to understand the process, while others skim the photos and pick it up just fine.

A “how to” post doesn't have to be a tutorial in the same sense, but it needs to take your reader from A to B. So if you want to show them how you grew your business from $0 to $100,000 a year, you need to give them steps to follow.

A few tutorial/how to post examples:

You can also make tutorials for your affiliate products. Teach your readers how to use the Cricut, and you can make bank! Cricut is a great affiliate program to be a part of.

In-Depth Review

An in-depth review can be a review of one product, or a comparison of two or more products. When I say “in-depth”, I mean reallllly in-depth. Leave no stone unturned. Answer every question you can think of, before it's asked.

how to write a review blog post

Here are two examples:

The last post is an ultimate guide and an in-depth product review. That's the beauty of these blog posts… you can mix and match and make the best posts ever!

With these in-depth reviews, you can easily use affiliate links. Kevin, who blogs about Weight Watchers, could do a Noom vs iTrackBites post (they are both WW competitors). He has affiliate links for both Noom and iTrackBites, which means no matter which option his readers pick, he would earn a commission.


Featuring other bloggers is a great way to make friends in your niche and get more exposure for your new blog. On a larger scale, you can feature a celebrity and get traffic from their fans.

An example would be 17 Things I Learned from Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vee fans are going to read it because they love Gary Vee. Others are going to read it because they want to learn what I've learned. It's a win win because I'm sharing the knowledge I've acquired but also using the authority of Gary Vee because it's his wisdom, not just mine.

The Bottom Line

No matter which type of blog post you decide to start with, remember the ultimate goal is to deliver value. If you don't deliver the best value possible, if you don't write the most amazing posts ever, you're going to get outranked. No pressure… haha. But really, if you're passionate about your topic and you put the work in, and follow the advice we give in our posts on this blog, your posts WILL be the best. Promise!

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