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100+ Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

In an attempt to share 1000+ blog posts with my favorite people in the world (hey, that's you!), I've decided to break that task up into 10 parts. 100+ blog post ideas for travel bloggers is the first post in this series. I hope you will check back for the others soon!

100+ Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Note: I did not research these ideas for SEO purposes, these are blog post ideas off the top of my head that you can use as a jumping off point for content for your travel blog.

Tips for Writing the Best Travel Blog Posts

As you probably already know (because I say it all the time), I'm a fan of 1,000+ word posts. Some of the best blog posts I've read are 2,000 words or more! If you don't enjoy writing or can't possibly imagine writing that many words, don't fret. The following tips will make it easier to write longer posts.

The best way to write travel posts is to use your own experiences. If you visit San Diego, for example, take notes while you're there – and of course, take loads of photos. One trip can help you create five or even ten blog posts! When I visited San Diego for the first time, I took pictures at every stop – including the restaurants I visited.

Brainstorm with me! What are some post titles you could come up with after a weekend trip to San Diego?

  • Best Beaches in San Diego
  • Best Restaurants in San Diego
  • Beset Sunset Views in San Diego
  • How to Visit San Diego on a Budget
  • 3 San Diego Museums You MUST See
  • Balboa Park: What to See and Do
  • Why I Don't Visit Sea World
  • Top 3 Coffee Shops in San Diego
  • Free Things to do in San Diego
  • Best Things to do in San Diego With kids

Even if you haven't visited all of the beaches and allll of the restaurants in San Diego, you can talk about the ones you have tried and love. You can also look on Yelp and TripAdvisor to read reviews from others, and add more spots to your post.

Number Posts

100+ Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers is an example of a blog post title that uses numbers. Why did you click on this post? My guess is you knew there would be tons of ideas you could sift through. The same thing applies to travel posts. People want information.

Think about a simple post title like 17 Ways to Save on Holiday Travel. I know of a few ways to save, but whoever writes a post with seventeen ways to save may give me even more ideas, so I'm definitely clicking to see the tips.

Use Subheadings

Keep it short and sweet. Your blog posts should be 1,000+ words each in most cases, but paragraphs and text between subheadings should be short. I don't usually read articles, I skim them. That's why I'm a fan of bold and italic formatting, along with tons of subheadings. It also makes my Table of Contents easy to skim.

Subheadings can also help with SEO, if you label them correctly. Don't make cutesy names, let your readers know what you're talking about in the next paragraph by naming your subheading appropriately.

How to Name Your Blog Post

Use Keysearch or another free/cheap SEO tool to choose the perfect name for your post. What are people searching for? How can you answer all of their questions?

How to Make Your Blog Post the Best

Stalk your competition. When you decide on what you're going to name your blog post and have it outlined at the least, type the phrase into Google and see what pops up. The first few pages are your competition and you need to kick their asses. How do you do that? Well, there's a long answer that we will have in an SEO course soon, but the short answer is: write kick ass content.

Write your post first, or at least outline it with subheadings, then see what your competition has done. Chances are, it won't be difficult to make your post better than the others that are on the front page of Google, but it takes a little work!

blog post ideas for travel bloggers

Look at the box with questions in it on the front page of your Google search results. Use that box to make your blog post as thorough as possible. This box is full of questions that readers want answered. If you can answer several of the questions in your post, it's going to make your post rank higher on Google.

Searching Google can also give you ideas for even more blog posts. You want to write about budget travel in Florida, so you search a few keyword phrases*. Open each post to see how they look, but only after you have an outline for your own post. Why? Because you don't want to subconsciously copy someone else's work. I always make sure I have at least an outline before I search my keywords on Google.

*Keyword phrases are simply search terms you'd use to find information in Google. Florida Travel on a Budget would be your keyword and/or blog post title, but after you search for that you will find tons of ideas. Grab a piece of paper and start jotting these ideas down, so you can revisit them later.

Best Travel Blog Post Ideas

Bucket lists, itineraries, and reasons to visit are all similar but have distinct differences. A “Bucket List” is technically a list of things you want to do before you die. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. 😉

Bucket Lists

  • (State) Bucket List
  • (City) Bucket List
  • (Country) Bucket List
  • Arizona Bucket List for Families
  • Las Vegas Bucket List for Teens
  • European Bucket List for Backpackers

Example: Ultimate Outdoor Utah Bucket List

Another Example: Arizona Bucket List – I wrote this post on my old blog and it ranks on the front page of Google, giving Slap Dash Mom a LOT of traffic. It is not even that great of a post, but it did well because of all of the photos, and social shares. You can get free travel photos at

Pro tip: Once you've written a Bucket List, write a post for each place you visit. Link to the post in your Bucket List post and your bounce rate will go down while your pageviews go up!


People are naturally curious. Think about how popular reality television is, even though most of it is complete trash. Everyone wants to know everyone else's business. An itinerary gives your readers the chance to see what you did on your trip, satisfying their curiosity (and making them interested in you, which means they'll become loyal readers). In addition to letting people have a peek into your week in Brazil, you can help them plan their own trip. Blogging always comes down to serving your readers. Help your readers and you will do well.

  • 48 Hours in Prague
  • 7 Day Hawaii Itinerary for Families
  • 3 Day Thailand Itinerary
  • What to do in One Day in Belize
  • 2 Day Disney Itinerary With Kids

Example: Edinburgh to the Isle of Sky: 3-Day Itinerary

Reasons to Visit

Why should I visit your destination? Let me know why this city/state/country is the best, and why I must hop on a plane to visit!

  • 13 Reasons to Visit Brisbane With Kids
  • 7 Reasons to Take a Family Vacation to Italy
  • 5 Reasons You NEED to Visit Seattle this Fall


Roundups are notorious for getting loads of traffic, but people also see them as low-quality content because so many bloggers have half-assed their roundup posts. You are not going to be one of those bloggers.

Even if you're writing a roundup, I want to see 1,000+ words. This does not mean fluffing with bullshit to fill your word count; it means doing more research so you can add 5 more tips (or links or whatever) to your post to make it more helpful for your readers.

Roundups can be guides, lists, where to take the best photos, and more. Roundups can be anything, really!

  • Weekend Get Away Guide for (City)
  • 10 Day Trips From Las Vegas
  • 7 Spots for Sunset Photos in Arizona
  • Best Murals in Nashville for Instagram Photos

Example: 44 Instagramable Spots in Vancouver

Ultimate Guides

  • Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in the Amazon
  • The Ultimate Guide to African Safaris
  • The Food-Lovers Guide to Paris
  • The Wine-Lovers Guide to Mexico
  • Ultimate Guide to Disney
  • Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Toddlers

Example: Ultimate Family Fun Guide for San Francisco

A to Z Guide

This may be a little tougher to come up with off the top of your head, but it will be a great exercise for your brain!

  • The A to Z Guide to Texas
  • Ultimate New York Vacation: A to Z Guide
  • The A to Z of Hiking Essentials

Example: Things to do in Michigan: The A to Z Guide

Secrets, Tips, Hacks

Everyone wants the inside scoop when possible, right? I know I do! A “top secrets revealed” type post is going to make me click every time. Tips and hacks? Yes, please! Anything that makes my life easier is interesting enough for me to read.

  • 5 Secrets to Save on Airline Travel
  • 7 Tips for Traveling Abroad
  • 13 Travel Hacks You've Never Tried
  • 11 Tips for Tourists from Locals in Australia

Example: 50 Brilliant Tips from Expert Globetrotters

Answer Questions

One of my favorite ways to write posts is to answer frequently asked questions about a destination. If you don't know the answers, Google them – but make sure you're reading trusted sources before passing the information along to your readers.

Your blog post title does not have to be in the form of a question, but it can be. Alternatively, you can use the questions as subheadings in your posts.

  • Do I Need a Passport to Go to Canada?
  • Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?
  • What is the Currency Exchange Rate USD to THB (Thai Baht)?
  • How do I Exchange USD in Another Country?
  • How Long Can I Stay in (Country) Without a Visa?

Example: How to Get a Bolivian Visa as a US Citizen

How to Posts

“How to” posts will always be searched frequently, because who doesn't head to Google when they want to learn how to do something? Teaching your readers how to save money while traveling, or how to pack their suitcase, or how to fly solo… these are all valuable posts you should write!

  • How to Say Essential Words and Phrases in Spanish
  • How to Eat Like a Local in Jamaica
  • How to Travel Solo in Europe
  • How to Safely Travel to Mexico
  • How to Pass the Time During Flight Delays
  • How to Live Like a Local in Hawaii
  • How to Plan Your Trip to Chile
  • How to Keep Kids Entertained on Long Flights
  • How to Organize a Trip to Argentina
  • How to Plan a Vacation With a Large Group
  • How to Stay Safe While Visiting (Country)
  • How to Make Friends Anywhere
  • How to Have an Unplugged Vacation
  • How to Plan a Family Holiday Trip
  • How to Travel by Train in France

Example: How to Travel Switzerland on a Budget

Best of Posts

Beaches, restaurants, hiking trails… the “best of” posts always do well on social media, but they also do well on Google!

  • Best Hiking Trails in Oregon
  • Best Campgrounds in Utah
  • Best Restaurants in Thailand
  • Best Restaurants for Travelers with Food Allergies
  • 17 Best Beaches for Kids in California
  • Best Places to Find Great Coffee* in St. Louis
  • Best Time of Year to Visit Maine
  • 23 Best Places to Surf in Southern California
  • Where to Find the Best Wine in Mexico
  • Best Destinations for Couples
  • Best Road Trips for Ocean Views
  • Best Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies
  • Best Photo Ops in (City/State/Country)

*Coffee can easily be replaced with desserts, dinner, vegan food, or whatever else you want to write about. This one idea can turn into 10 blog posts in a flash!

Example: Best of Armenia

What to Pack

Again, people are nosy… tell them what you're packing for your trip! Also, if you've never visited Arizona you may not think to bring sunglasses, a gallon of sun screen, and a hat or visor so the top of your head doesn't burn while you're taking photos of the Grand Canyon. Packing list posts serve two purposes: to satisfy curiosity, and help your readers.

  • What's in My Camera Bag
  • What's in My Suitcase
  • What's in My Carry-On
  • What to Pack for a 7 Day Tour of Europe
  • What to Pack for Your First Trip to Italy
  • How to Travel Lightly (One Bag Tricks)

Example: Ultimate Sri Lanka Packing List

Facts About

Any chance I get to educate my readers, I take! I know they want to learn, and if I teach them a thing or two, they will come back to my blog over and over again. “Fun Facts” posts are easy – and fun! – to write.

  • 13 Facts about Southern California
  • 7 Surprising Facts About Prague

Example: 11 Fascinating Things Florida is Known For

Versus Posts

Writing a versus post is a simple way to get traffic while helping your readers make a decision they've been mulling over for days, if not weeks or months. Should I visit California in the summer or the winter? Should I travel solo or with friends? Should I stay for 2 days or 10 day when I visit Hawaii? Answer these questions for your readers by writing a versus post.

  • Hotels VS AirBnB*
  • RV Travel VS Car Travel
  • RVs VS Hotels
  • Southern California VS Northern California
  • Traveling Solo VS Traveling With Friends
  • Cruising VS Flying
  • Cancun VS Mexico City: Which is Best for Spring Break?

*Great affiliate opportunity! See below for more ways to monetize your travel posts.

Example: Cabo VS Cancun

Travel on a Budget

All types of travel are popular with different crowds, but budget travel does really well for me on Pinterest. Here are some title ideas, just swap out your destination.

  • Visit Italy on a Budget
  • Top 10 Free Things to do in New York City
  • How to Travel to Thailand on a Budget
  • 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Road Trip
  • Travel Europe for Less Than $50 a Day
  • How to Stretch Your Budget in Louisville
  • Creative Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation
  • Best Budget Destinations in Europe
  • Tips and Tricks for Booking Cheap Flights

Example: San Francisco on a Budget

How to Monetize Travel Posts

I'll be writing a full tutorial on how to monetize your travel posts, but while you wait, here are a few tips.

Ad Networks for Travel Bloggers

I'll start off by saying I do not recommend putting ads on your blog until you have at least enough pageviews to apply for Mediavine. AdSense pays pennies and it's not worth junking up your blog to make a few cents a day.

Overall, reader experience is one of the most important parts of running a blog. Keep this in mind when thinking about ad networks. It is going to take a few months – or longer – to get enough sessions to apply for Mediavine, so your focus for the first six months needs to be content, content, content. During this time, your blog will be ad-free and your readers will be super happy to visit multiple times without having to worry about ads, video pop-ups, etc.

When you do get ads on your blog, keep them minimal. Ad networks are one stream of income for your blog, but you can make much more with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts while keeping your readers happy.

Affiliate Marketing for Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers strike gold when it comes to affiliates! No matter what you write about, there is a way to create content around affiliate links. There are even affiliate options for credit cards with travel points as rewards, which have done really well for me in the past.

Affiliates for Travel Bloggers

Here are just a few of the affiliate programs you can sign up for as a travel blogger. Make sure your blog looks clean and you have at least 25 posts before applying for any affiliate programs.

Join Shareasale, then search for:

Check the cookie length when you sign up for affiliates. If it's less than 30 days, see if you can find a similar affiliate with a longer cookie period. A lot of times when folks click on travel-related links, they're still in the research phase of planning their trip. If the cookie is only set for 24 hours and your reader books their trip or buys whatever item you're promoting next week, you sent them to the site but you don't make any money

*Not sure how to incorporate an affiliate into a post? I'll use Blurb as an example. They are a photo book company. I would create a post about my trip to the Grand Canyon, being sure to include loads of beautiful photos. I would then talk about how important it is to me to have actual photo books rather than just online photos. I'd show off my Blurb photo book and share a sale/coupon code so my readers could make their own photo book. This way takes a little more work, but the pay-off is huge.

Pro Tip: If you are doing well with an affiliate, send them an email and ask for a coupon code for your readers. That should increase your sales. A few weeks later, ask for a bump up in affiliate commissions. I've gotten paid 30% per sale from an affiliate that usually only pays 10% per sale, because many affiliates reward performance.

Sponsored posts are posts you are compensated for in some way. You can get a free hotel room, a discount on a vacation package, or you can get paid an amount you set.

As a travel blogger, there are many opportunities for sponsored posts. I recommend reaching out to travel bureaus and hotels directly, as that's how I've had the best results.

Free Printable for Travel Bloggers

As you can see, there is a LOT of information here. I created a mini e-book to help you brainstorm and organize your ideas.

P.S. Did You Notice?

I only listed 98 travel post ideas. Did you count them? In the time it took you to scroll and count 98 ideas, you could have written down 20 of your own… or written the first few hundred words of your next viral post. Are you spending your time wisely? 😉

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